We the proponents of the New Age, in order to present to the nation a solution for her salvation, to wit:

     To insure world peace and a common bond of brotherhood among the race of man; to free the nation and its people from financial bondage; to promote domestic peace; to provide for the promotion of science and education; to eliminate from society those conditions which create crime, corruption, and unhappiness; to insure prosperity and abundance for all our people; and to seek from the Divine Being the blessings of true freedom and liberty for ourselves and our heirs, forever; 

     Do hereby adopt and ordain this platform, which we offer for consideration by our nation's citizens.

     Signed at the city of Los Angeles this 4th day of July, in the year of our Lord 1960, and of the independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty fourth.

Gabriel Green
Elary J. Willsie
Daniel W. Fry
Reinhold O. Schmidt
Helen I. Sibert
Alda Van Buren
Kelvin Rowe
Calvin C. Girvin
James G. Johnson



     We advocate the revision of the economic system to that of a more workable one, and one which is adequate to meet the needs of our people and our chaotic times; therefore, we would inaugurate the Prior Choice Economic system with its resultant benefits as outlined in "Thy Kingdom Come" #6, which would make possible the following advantages:
  1. Automatic retirement without any reduction in living standard.
  2. Fair wages. Just reward for service rendered.
  3. Free permanent insurance on everything.
  4. No more taxes.
  5. Guaranteed profits.
  6. Increases production, creates abundance.
  7. 100% distribution of what is produced.
  8. No decrease in purchasing power when sick or out of work.
  9. Poverty and starvation ended.
  10. Free medical and dental care for everyone, without the disadvantages of socialized medicine.
  11. Free college education.
  12. Cradle to grave economic security.
  13. Retains American system of free enterprise and individual initiative and prevents Communism and Socialism.
  14. Trade between "have" and "have not" nations now possible.
  15. Emancipation of mankind from economic slavery at last.


     We affirm that flying saucers are real, that in reality they are true spacecraft manned by people from other planets, who are visiting and making contact with various persons of our planet for the purpose of imparting information which can be used for the benefit of all men of earth. We deplore the actions of our government in withholding information on this subject which is so vital to the welfare of our nation and its people.


     We advocate that the United States stop shooting tin cans into space and concentrate on building a true free-energy-powered, man-carrying space ship to send first to the moon and then to the planet Mars. We advocate that a message of friendship be broadcast to the Space People offering to exchange diplomats with them, and offering them the same hand of friendship that we would offer to
nations and people of earth. We would also throw open to public investigation the huge volume of top secret files on the subject of flying saucers which are in the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.


     We would set up a board of competent newsmen to pass on what should be kept secret and what information should be released to the public. This board would also attempt to declassify other so called secrets which all too often can be used to cover up blunders, mistakes, incompetence and waste. We would make this declassified information available to the public.


     Under Prior Choice Economics, greatly needed schools could be financed and built, and those people who are qualified to teach and who are not now teaching because of low salaries, would receive fair purchasing power in relation to other professions, in order that they could afford to return to their preferred profession of teaching. Under Prior Choice Economics, education would be free to all people as long as they wished to attend school. Greater use of television in the classroom would enable the greatest minds in the world to reach directly into the classroom and thus eliminate education to concepts which, in many cases, are over a quarter of a century behind the times.


     We advocate the adoption of the metric system of weights and measures as an aid to scientific advancement.


     We favor the repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act and the Landrum-Griffin Bill because we believe that they were designed solely to cripple the labor unions. Under the Prior Choice System, there would be no need for labor and management to oppose each other, which is only due to the inadequacy of the present economic system. We favor the continuance of strong labor unions in order that the workers might have direct representation of their interests.


     We are in favor of passing legislation to enable all American citizens, regardless of their race, creed, or color, to enjoy the same human rights, without any reservations. We would expect the officials of the land to uphold these God given rights for all our citizens. If an official was lax in his duty, we would recommend that steps be taken to have him removed from office .


     We favor the discontinuation of all bomb tests as we already know that they will go off. As our friends from Space have told us, there are no clean bombs and all radiation from them is harmful to the health and well being of an earthly life.


     In order to employ everyone who desires to work, the government would inaugurate public work projects for the construction of super highways, dams, public buildings, and reclamation projects.


     The government would expand existing science and set up new research centers for all phases of science. Results of such advanced research would not be withheld from the public and would be disseminated for the public benefit.


     We advocate the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the Union.


     We recommend that uniform laws be established through ­out the nation which would prevent discrimination against some and allow special privileges for others.


     Since the major motives for crime will have been removed, crime would be virtually eliminated under a Prior Choice system. However, in order that the honest and law-abiding citizens of the nation may be protected from the destructive actions of any remaining criminal elements, we advocate that proven criminals be required to serve their full sentence.


     We favor remaining strong militarily while preparing for peace by eliminating the cause of, and the motives for, war.


     We are in favor of friendship with nations all over the world and of conforming our actions to promote mutual trust and respect. We favor the formation of a confederation of nations that would include all nations. This confederation would have free and open trade with each other and free exchange of cultural and scientific ideas. We would accelerate the program for student and teacher exchange between nations. We would also favor the formation of a board, made up of representatives of all nations, to explore the possibilities of disarmament and to inspect nuclear bomb centers all over the world, but we are not in favor of disarming until the causes of war have been removed.

     We are in favor of recognizing the Peiping Government of China, but we would continue to have diplomatic relations with the Taiwan Government of China of Chiang Kai Shek. This is not to suggest that we are in total agreement with the policies of any foreign government or with their system of government itself, but the fact that it is the government of nearly all China brings us to this conclusion. We feel that it is better to be able to negotiate with a government that you have representation with, than to hurl threats and insults at each other across 3000 miles of water. The people of China have been our traditional friends for ages in the past and we would like them to remain our friends, and we theirs, in spite of our differences in government. However, we would leave it up to the United Nations as to which of the Chinese governments that they would seat in the U.N.

     We also favor the recognition of the sovereignty of all nations. This includes their territory, territorial waters, their embassies and consulates, and their ships and planes on and over the high seas.


     We are opposed to this amendment because the world court should have a voice in protecting the rights of people all over the world no matter where they live, when they can not get justice within their own province or nation. This is to give justice to people rather than to deprive them of any of their national rights.


     We would be in favor of giving government waste lands to homesteaders so that they could develop them into productive acreage. We would have the settlers in the Colorado River Basin keep those lands which they have developed and show them as examples of what can be done to reclaim waste lands. Under Prior Choice Economics there would be no need to destroy food and pay farmers to be unproductive. There is still plenty of need for food in the world today, and under Prior Choice Economics we can distribute it without destroying the economy.


     We favor the giving of technical aid and advice to countries that need it to enable them to better help themselves. We also favor the free distribution of the surplus food, that we have hoarded, to the starving people of the world.


     We would work toward establishing those conditions which would permit eventual total disarmament, but not to disarm until the causes of war have been eliminated through solving the problems of international commerce by application of Prior Choice Economics on a world wide scale.


     We recommend that the latest scientific information and achievements in this field be made available to the general public and that a crash program of scientific research be inaugurated to research more natural methods of planned parenthood.


     We favor the elimination of all unnecessary torture to helpless animals, and the end of vivisection on cats and dogs as instruction for college students.


     We advocate the preservation of objects, buildings, and historical shrines, to preserve examples of our great American heritage for posterity.


     Television programs could be supported by the Prior Choice Economic system rather than by commercial sponsors, and the blight of annoying commercials could be forever banished from the TV screen.


     We would institute a Department of Peace to research every available avenue for establishing a just and a lasting peace among the peoples of our planet.