We the proponents of the New Age, in order to present to the nation a solution for her salvation, to wit:

     To insure world peace and a common bond of brotherhood among the race of man; to free the nation and its people from financial bondage; to promote domestic peace; to provide for the promotion of science and education; to eliminate from society those conditions which create crime, corruption, and unhappiness; to insure prosperity and abundance for all our people; and to seek from the Divine Being the blessings of true freedom and liberty for ourselves and our heirs, forever; 

     Do hereby adopt and ordain this platform, which we offer for consideration by our nation's citizens.

     Signed at the city of Los Angeles this 4th day of July, in the year of our Lord 1960, and of the independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty fourth.

Gabriel Green
Elary J. Willsie
Daniel W. Fry
Reinhold O. Schmidt
Helen I. Sibert
Alda Van Buren
Kelvin Rowe
Calvin C. Girvin
James G. Johnson

Green at '57 Saucer Convention

Your Space Age Candidate, Gabriel Green, with his partner, Helen Sibert, photographed by Ralph Crane, as the pair worked the ground at the '57 Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, asking the hard questions and spreading the word to all who have the courage to hear.

[Photographs by Ralph Crane (LIFE) for coverage of George Van Tassel's 1957 Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention.]


Gabriel Green, Your Write-In Space Age Candidate
ABE IN 1860, GABE IN 1960: Gabriel Green's heart is with the people, as revealed in this political advert, printed in the July 22, 1960 edition of the Los Angeles Mirror News. Our great thanks to Robert P. Renaud for reposting this online.

Interview at the August 1960 AFSCA Convention

The following is a transcription of a recorded interview, conducted at the August 13-14, 1960 meeting of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America. It offers a glimpse into the motivations for Gabriel Green's campaign for high office and an overview of the party program.

Interview with Gabriel Green, U.S. Presidential Candidate (1960)

Interviewer: What made you decide to take on this campaign, aside from the other duties of your organisation?

Gabriel Green: Well, I decided as a result of a request from the Space People that I do so. At first I was very reluctant because I felt very humble with being asked to undertake such a responsibility. Frankly, at first, I really didn't feel that I wanted to take up on my shoulders such a tremendous project. But when the Space People talked to me about it, and pointed out that our civilization was doomed unless somebody took the effort, made the effort, and took the action to change the present direction in which mankind is heading that we would not very long have a civilization on this earth. And, like many others, my buddies in the service, I was in the war too, and I was fortunate enough to come back alive, and I feel that I owe something to my buddies, and to those who are yet living, to dedicate my life to attempting to resolve the many problems which mankind is facing now, and as a result of the advanced information with the Space People have over a period of many years have been a party to us, we now have this information in our possession, and I have decided to submit to their request to carry through with this program, to attempt to bring to the American people these solutions so that they may evaluate them for themselves, and decide for themselves whether or not they feel they have merit.